SIGNS that you have FAKE FRIENDS


Hi everyone! This blog post is based on my experience with my friends before. Well, I can say that despite I had fake friends, now I have many close friends and even bestfriends. So yeah! If you read my signs and you can relate, its time to find the true and real friends around you!

*They nowhere to be found when you nee them. But when they need you, you are always there.

*They will give you cold treatment when you success. In short, INSECURE.

*They will never listen to you, to your opinions, to your ideas and even to your feelings.

*They will drag you down. If you’re in trouble, bahala ka na. They will leave you.

*They pushed you to wrong decisions, bad influenced in other words.

*Everytime you’re with them, you’ll feel that you’re not one of them. You will be OUT OF PLACE.

*Your secrets are never safe with them even though they promised that they will keep it.

*They will always make fun of you, humiliate you always, and they don’t care about what you feel.

*Lastly, they don’t want you to be HAPPY, instead they always make you CRY.

So that’s it guys. That is only based on my experience. If you can add some please comment down below! Thank you guys.



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