Hi again! So if you read my previous blog, (SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE FAKE FRIENDS) you know that it is quite negative, right? Now! Of course we have to look also into the positive side, so for now REAL and TRUE, not FAKE. Keep reading!

So here are the signs of having real friends (Based on my experience)

*They always motivate and uplift you.

*They always make you happy.

*You can count on them anytime, anywhere.

*They are true to you, even if truth hurts.

*They cuss on you, face to face.

*They eat your food FIRST.

*They know your phone password.

*They know how to pissed you so bad.

*They know your favorites even small things.

*Your secrets are SAFE with them.

*Distance is never ever an issue. You can always keep in touch.

And yes! Finally I’m done. Hahaha I just want to say THANK YOU to all my friends out there, because of you I was able to write blog posts. So yeahh! And to you the one reading this! See you next? Definitely YES!



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