Daily Dose at College of the Holy Spirit Manila

Hey everyone! I know its been a while. I’ve been very with school stuffs the past few weeks because I decided to really #StudyHard then #PlayHard after.

I have a classmate named Roxanne Derit but we call her Decem because her birthday is DECEMber. (I hope it makes sense). And yet we had to kill our time everyday for almost 11 hours in school.

Then, we decided to take pictures before our class resume, yes I know this is very common but yeah! Hahaha pictures capture every moment.

Using Decem’s phone here’s our pictures. Yaaay!!








Jeury — Katrin — Decem ❀ ❀

We agreed to use SNAPCHAT and not just a camera phone.

1st semester started, honestly I enjoyed studying…. and it excites me more to go to school everyday though my class hours every Tuesday to Friday is 7:30am to 5:45pm . Hahaha Yes I know it is very hectic and nakakapagod but still I know this is part or being a student and also for the future.


Thank you guys for dropping by! See you on my next post



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