Sweet, Spice and Everything Nice

Since my midterm is quite approaching it means that requirements/projects will definitely be in between and I am so nervous now. (LOL #MabaitNaStudent). As you can see my blog posts were only scheduled that’s why they are posted but this once you’re reading right now is a random.. Hahaha no edit.edit so bear with me guys. Hahaha

I can say that I am very pressured and nervous all the time. Why? It’s my last year as Senior High School yet I feel that I am not yet ready? Huwaaawww. But on the other side I am excited to graduate and be a COLLEGE STUDENT.



As an Accountancy and Business Management student, well you can see numbers, calculators, ballpens and everything related to my course. So if you read my blog about Daily Dose in my school you can see that I almost spend my whole day at school. Can you imagine? 7:30am – 6:00pm (Define that schedule) but yeah, together with my classmates we still managed to deal with it.

We’re hoping to have better schedule next semester.Β #MajorSubjectsAllTheWay

Another thing, we have to so many requirements to do, like RESEARCH PAPER. lol self-explanatory. Hahaha that’s life of a business student. Choss

Also, I wanna share with you guys that I won 1 year Web Hosting from Pangalan.com because I join the giveaway by Bloggers United. So yeah I am so happy to see my name there and excited for what will happen to my website. Soon I’ll buy my own domain to make it more legit. Hahaha


So yeah, that’s all for now! Thanks for dropping by! Stay tuned to my next posts, surely it will be a scheduled posts also since 1st Semester is not yet over. Bye!



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