I am your frustrated/average blogger trying to find out what life has to offer. I am crazy in love with exploring new ideas, adventure, lifestyle, etc! I love mostly blogging about my lifestyle as well as any new ideas or trends that I think is worth sharing! Aside from all of that, I am 17 years young, and a currently a senior high school! I have 2 years more before I finally go to College. Life has taken me all over the place, but I would one day love to end up with a career that I am truly passionate about! As for now, I am still enjoying and  exploring my horizons thru who really I am.

Website: katrinmarielleantonio.wordpress.com

Instagram: katrin_marielle

Twitter: katrin_marielle

Thoughts of K is a tiny space in the interwebs where Katrin shares some so called rollercoaster kind of life. This blog is a compilation of everything she’s passionate and she loves about. Or you know, just things as random as her such as daily happenings in her life, photos of (un)interesting things and fangirlings, spontaneous adventures, food finds, good reads, movie recommendations, and many more.

Join Katrin in her so many experiences and adventures. Get to know her more by reading her blog one post at a time.

Thank you ❤



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