Yours Truly

cropped-cropped-13631395_10208456358099582_5920654378883254045_n.jpgKatrin Marielle is a seventen-year-old Senior High School Student at College of the Holy Spirit Manila. Although she’s the first batch of K+12 Program, she’s still unsure of her career path. She’s a frustrated singer, dancer, photographer, fangirl and writer.

She finds delight in adventures, treking, mountain views,  daydreaming, fangirling, french fries, books, chocolates, pizzas, cafés, Christian Bautista, Tim Pavino, Arisse de Santos, chocolate chip cookies, city lights, instax films, laughing, making lists, maroon, matte lipsticks, pastel and neutral colors, milk tea + crystals, photography, planning and organizing events, red velvet cupcakes and crinkles, (the) smell of new books, spontaneous sleepovers, roses, sunsets and sunrise, tapsilog, tea, traveling, vanilla and dark chocolates.

In particular, she loves Percy Jackson series and Twilight Saga, A Walk to Remember, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, Meteor Garden, Serenitea, Dakasi, WordPress, Fujifilm, FullyBooked, National Book Store, Christian Bautista, Lego House, Playful Kiss, Potato Corner, Pretty in Pink, The Vow and soon to many more.