Sooner or Later ❤️


We all know that in so many ways life is really unpredictable, full of something that we can’t really understand, so many conflicts, unanswered questions and so many what ifs. But as we tend to move forward and continue with our lives, most of the time we tend to forget who we really are and that is because of the problems and struggles we encounter along with it. There were times that some people will talk behind your back, talk all the shits about you and will pull you down as long as they want until you stumble on the ground. But I just want to say that these things, they are just tests or challenges for you that pushed you to your limit for you to decide whether to still continue or not.

Despite all the hardships and terrible things happening around you/us, as much as you can try to understand and see these things as a blessing in disguise. I remember before my friend told me that the challenges you are facing right now might lead you to where will you be tomorrow. Yes, I know that all people have problems on their own but try to remember that God will never give you a problem that doesn’t have a solution at all. Remind yourself that at the end of the day, you’ll eventually be okay. God has something for you; something the best.

We all have our own choices in life. It will always be depends on you, on your choice. God gave us freedom to choose what we want for our lives. Always remember that you have a purpose and some mission to accomplish while you’re still alive. Know what is it and eventually sooner or later you’ll be able to say that “Finally, I made it. Good job, self.”




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