What Now?

Hi! I know I know been really inactive on this blog. My last post was October 15, and that’s because of a Birthday Blogpost. And I’m sorry for that (sorry self). I am so busy that I have no time to blog hop, meet some blogger friends, go to events and even shoot for an OOTD (so sad hahaha).

Well, if you know me enough I have so many thoughts running on my mind (even now while writing this blog) and I really wanted to post something yet they were stuck in draft — UNDONE. I just can’t find the right time to finish and edit them (slowly but surely, I promise soon)

On the other side, I realized that I need to Disconnect first, then Reconnect again! Need to know what my priorities are and learn again how to balance and manage my time and some personal thingy with my life! Haha. And yes, I will go back the SOONEST possible! Haha will try to be more active soon because I really miss writing personal blogs / blogs. So see you next post?



PS. Currently obssessed with Tahimik by Yeng Constantino and Kathang Isip by Ben&Ben


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