19 — For the last year of being TEEN


Hello there! Welcome to another blog post. Hehehe. Another Personal Blog Post and I just want to post something because it’s my birthday last Saturday! I was at home the whole day and I decided to write a blog. I have time. Haha Well, I am 19 now. And yes! too young? Too old? Lol last year of being TEEN. And I have a lot to share and I can’t believe time flies so quick. And I hope you can relate too!


Let’s start?

  1.  People have their own insecurities. I have mine — and they are ALOT. I have this, I have that. Shocks. Hahaha. Slowly, I am starting to embrace and erase them.
  2. Sometimes being ALONE means being AT PEACE. I have moments in my life that I don’t know what’s going on, I just want to be literally alone. Alone eating in a fast food, alone in the room, alone watching a movie, alone in a coffee shop, etc. and I love it! I love how peaceful it is, and I love how I discover things on my own in that kind of moments.
  3. It is absolute OKAY to CRY. Always. Find a bathroom, bury your face on your pillow. Cry while in a shower or even during the rain. It helps you out. Cry if you need to. Let it out, beshy!
  4. No matter how many mistakes and wrong doings you’ve done, remember that you are entitled for another chance.
  5.  Remember that you are and always be a masterpiece. Even if no one appreciates you, its OKAY. Your worth and value is not determined by others.
  6. Never ever be afraid to dream BIG, to hope and do the things that you really love and that excites you, you’ll not regret it. I promise you!
  7. Learn to let the things end when they need to. Don’t waste your time or your energy on trying something to work out when you know that it will actually not.
  8. Know what you really WANT and what you really NEED. See the difference and sometimes let them confuse you. LOL
  9. Learn how to say NO. In a way that you don’t need to explain yourself or apologize.
  10. In order to REconnect, try to DISconnect. Try it. It will be worth it the second time around.
  11. You must have a ONE-CALL-AWAY-FRIEND. I have this friend her name is Raizza, (hi ate! I know you’re reading my blog) well we always tend to hang-out unexpectedly or just have a dinner in a fast food. And I think that’s one of the best thing that I kept on doing, talking to a friend like you’re talking to a diary, rant all you want and she will do the same. And you’ll eventually notice that you’re both compatible with each other. #connection
  12. Out of your comfort zone — the magic really happens. Always challenge yourself to do the things that is out of your comfort zone, you’ll eventually feel accomplished after doing it.
  13. Guys? They will flirt with you for all they want then eventually will ignore you. Then, they will flirt with you again. I know it will be so CONFUSING, but lemme tell you that you have the right to stop it and say what you feel.
  14. I/You will wait and and wait and wait for all the lists of firsts. First Kiss then First Date and eventually First Relationship. Believe me, the anticipation will kill you (really). And you will come to a point that in every people you meet, you will keep trying and trying to find the right one for you. Relax beshy, Chill. I just want to say that best things happen unplanned.
  15. Document everything, I mean everything you want, everything happens on you in a day or two— everything you want to remember. Sometimes, when we go back and remember something in particular you’ll eventually realized that maybe it’s worth it, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry or anything but remember that not at the things we want to remember, we remember. Sometimes, they’ll just passed by onto our lives like nothing really happens.
  16. Sometimes, all you need is your mama or your ate or your papa or your kuya. You just let all the things out and share to them what you feel. And I tell you, it is absolutely a great feeling. They will surely understand you. Give it a try. Family first.
  17. Quality over Quantity. In this world that is so cruel, it is absolutely okay to have less friends that will surely help and be true to you all the time than to have many of them that will just use you for their own benefit. I read this somewhere, “You’re not growing up, if you are not losing friends.” And I believe in that. Maybe some will stay but most of them will leave. I just want to say that not all people will actually stay in our lives. Have a friends that can be your support system and you know friends who will lift you up.
  18. Bond with your loved ones as much as possible. Can I just say that I am so happy whenever I am with my parents. It feels surreal knowing that we are 5 siblings yet, I get to have a chance to have a moment with my mama and papa in a very unexpected moment. Stay in your house as often as you could, have a little chitchat with your mama, watch a movie or a tv show with your papa. They’re not going to be around forever. Cherish every moment and  please spend time with them as much as you can.
  19. Lastly, be true to yourself. Be the most authentic you can be. You may be weak sometimes, strong or even devastated but being your most true self is the best thing. Don’t fake it or try to be something that you are not. People nowadays, they will know if you are true or fake by just merely looking in your eyes. And I tell you, if you are true enough to yourself, and to people around you, they will love you even more than you expected.

PS. Got a total of 26, hahahaha but I limit it to 19. Thank you for all the greetings since yesterday! My heart is overflowing with love and happiness.


Top: H&M

Jeans: BNY Jeans

Shoes: Parisian

Specs: Starfinder Optical

PPS. Thank you to my blogger friend, Elaine Villapando for the shots! Love you bb!



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