An Open Letter for Someone Who Seem to Love the Wrong Person


Dear You,

Hey! Yes you! 🙂 I just want you to know that I know someday you’ll eventually love someone who would definitely look at you like you’re the only one existing, and who knows what you’re thinking by just merely looking at your eyes. From the highs of the highs and low of the lows, there will be that someone who’ll fix you and will say that “It’s okay now, I am here. I will fix you.” I want you to know that loving the right person will make you feel like you’ve never been hurt before, like eventually that person will teach your heart to love again. You tend to love so many people, but you forget to love yourself. You try to fix other people but eventually they will leave you. You can love them as much as you want, but please don’t forget yourSELF.

I want to tell you that learn to trust your instincts and know your worth. If you feel something is not right, leave. Remember you are worth it, and you deserve someone who will see and appreciate it. Stop looking for love. Remember love will find all the way to you. Don’t look for love just because you are lonely or bored. There are chances that it is not real. Sometimes, you accept attention or something just because you feel that you NEED to and not you WANT to. I tell you, there are two types of guy who’ll do this; ONE, a guy who’ll reach out and contact you because they need you because they are bored or something. And TWO, a guy who’ll give you his time even if he’s busy with something.

Love yourself. Invest on it. Instead of finding love, bond with your friends, soul-search and be able to have enough quality time with your own family— your parents and siblings. Focus on what you want, it may be your goals or your own career. Believe me, God will make his way to give you love, in an unexpected way.

I just want to say that you are STRONG. You are strong to overcome what you’ve done. Sounds cliche, but It’s Okay not to be Okay. It is alright to make mistakes. Learn from it. And by the time, true love comes in, you’ll eventually feel it and you know to yourself that it is REAL. The love that you know you truly deserve. I do believe that everything has its own perfect time, please be patient enough. It will be worth it in the end. Maybe your time is not yet there, maybe it will be tomorrow? next week? Next month? Next year? Who knows?

And someday that someone will love everything about you, even the smallest thing. Please let him love you because I know you will too. It’s okay to be afraid and be scared, but remember that not all guys are the same and will break you or hurt you. One of them is gonna make you, you.

Love, Katrin


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