Since I graduated as Senior High School Student at CHSM, I just want to share here on my blog my 2 memorable years of staying at College of the Holy Spirit Manila.




  • This is really memorable for me because this is the first time that I studied in a Private School plus it is also a Catholic School. So it is really a great experience for me to study in this kind of school even though for only 2 years.
  • My schedule of classes is really a thumbs up for me. During my Grade 11 my class is from 7:30am – 5:00pm or less. And I think that is okay with me because during my Junior High School, it was really a tiring day for me every single day. Like I was at school for more than 11 hours. It sucks, right? lol
  • My uniform is so cool! Haha. During my first year at CHSM, our uniform is only Maroon Polo Shirt that has a logo of the school plus you paired it with jeans. So it’s so comfortable for me to wear that every Monday to Friday. Then our Gala Uniform during Institutional Celebration and First Friday because we always celebrate Holy Mass.
  • The school is so peaceful, nature-friendly and you can really call it your second home.
  • Internet Connection is yeah. Well, during my stay at CHSM, whenever I am in need of internet connection, I just go to the Computer Laboratory or at the Library to search for something. And sometimes I am satisfied in the connection, just sometimes, not all the times. LOL 😀
  • Professors are so professional yet friendly. All my professors at CHSM have their Masters or Doctorate Degree. Whenever they teach inside the classroom, you will really listen to them because they are so good in it. They are really passionate on what they are doing. So that’s a plus point for me. I really learned a lot. As in A LOT.
  • The canteen serves good and delicious food. I really like the Monggo every Friday. And for my merienda sometimes, Pizza Roll or Siopao. (My favorite) and of course for drink, the ICED TEA!
  • Water Fountain is really a big help for me. For your information guys, I am so into water, like if I can, every minute I’ll drink water because it is really essential and a big help for my body. Sometimes I have my water bottle with me and I just need to refill it and sometimes, I directly drink on the fountain.
  • 2 Aircons plus 2 Ceiling Fan = WOW SO COLD! This is what I like about our classroom, so damn cold that I have to bring my sweater or cardigan everyday. We really love how our classroom turns so cold after 2 hours since we open the aircon. So yey! Haha
  • I am always satisfied whenever I took a picture of Sunset. Like my classroom is located at 4th floor of the building and almost every time my dismissal time is 5:30pm so I always see to it that I can capture the sunset perfectly.
  • Lastly, this school is really memorable for me because this is where I found myself and I found some true friends and people. This is the place where I can express myself without being judged by other people, well maybe other people are judging me but I really don’t care. And this is the place where I found what I need and where I really grew as person, not just for my emotional growth but most especially my Spiritual Growth. Christian Living Subject or Theology is really one of the books.

So I think that’s all for now, if I missed something I’ll definitely create another post similar to this. Just I am really greatful and blessed to have and to attend this kind of school even just for 2 years. I’ll definitely be back and visit CHSM soon after graduating.



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