First Korean Concept Optical Shop Expands Footprint In Quezon City

Image of opening.JPG

Starfinder Optical, a Korean lifestyle eye wear shop, opened their 11th branch in Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City last March 17, 2018. The company is the first ever Korean concept optical shop in the Philippines showcasing a wide variety of stylish glasses from Korea and at the same time, giving a feel of Korean accommodation and ambiance to their customers.

Expanding the business nationwide, the company still has a lot of plans to open more stores throughout the country.

Jacob Song, Marketing Manager of Starfinder Optical said,

“The reason why we expand our footprint in the Philippines is because we want to share our fashionable and innovative eye wear from Korea with Filipinos. Nifty glasses which they can use on a daily basis”

Starfinder Optical was established in 2007.The company started as a small brand named SFO Design Lab, a store where frames and lenses are modified and designed in line with people’s needs on a daily basis. The store was first established in Seohyun Rodeo Street, a popular place in Korea for urban street fashion.

The company offers fashionable products such as prescription eye wear and sunglasses inspired by the fashion culture of Korea. In the past years, Starfinder Optical launched several glasses, but among those products, one of the well-known frames that has become popular with customers is called 6g. It is a frame that weighs only 6 grams and is made from Air Tetoron Rayon that makes the eye wear flexible and simply durable. Song added, “We are not a typical optical shop. We are a company that considers what people need. We offer highly affordable, durable, suitable and trendy eye wear fit to customers’ needs.”

Unlike other optical stores, Starfinder Optical shops have a unique ambiance where people feel like they are in Korea while looking at their products and being accommodated by the shop’s staff. To maintain this kind of feeling in customers, employees embraced the Korean culture to show the unique kind of accommodation to their people.


Facebook Page of Starfinder Optical


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