It was Valentine’s Day yesterday, Feb 14 and I was ABSENT too, for the first time. Why? I am so sick and I can’t make it to the class. #backacheisreal. So I decided to make this so random blog post because there’s this person who actually message me on Facebook and asked “WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE?” (LOL if you’re reading this! Thank you, you gave me an idea what to blog about).

Well, first of all I just turned 18 last October 2017. Too young to be in love? Haha well for me YES, but for others I think NO!. There’s a friend of mine who happened to have a boyfriend since she’s 16 years old. And that’s okay. IT IS OKAY TO LOVE AND TO FALL INLOVE. So me, why am I still single? Okay I’m gonna answer that question for just 2 reasons.

  • My priority as of now is to finish my study up to College. (Future CPA here) and I am proud to say that even though studying is really hard and a tiring one, I enjoyed doing it. I don’t know why but every time I woke up in the morning, even though I am so lazy to get up I just think that it is for my future, for my future self and for my future plans. #PRIORITY
  • As of now, I can’t imagine myself being in a relationship. I don’t know why, even though almost every single day I saw couples together and I can see happiness in their faces still I can’t imagine myself in it. I just feel that is it NOT YET THE RIGHT TIME having that. For me, being in a relationship means having another responsibility on you. In short, I AM NOT YET READY.

There you are. Those 2 reasons above why am I still single as of now! and I just want to tell you the PERKS for me being SINGLE .

  • YOU WILL BE ABLE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOURSELF. As of now I am still in the process of knowing my true self. The true and real me. I always wanted to know and discover about myself. If I am in a relationship, I think it is not good if I have someone with me yet I don’t know what I really want.
  • YOU HAVE THE OVERALL CONTROL OF YOUR TIME. Time is very important for me. If I can add additional hour in a day, I would definitely do it. I do believe in the saying “Time is Gold” and “You can’t turn back time”. if you are single, you can use your time wisely, bond with you family and friends. Make the most out of it. Enjoy your own precious time while you still have it.
  • YOU HAVE MORE FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE. I do love freedom. But also with limitations. When I turned 18, I just realized that my parents are slowly giving me enough freedom for myself. But still there are limitations like texting them and updating them once in a while. If i will be late, I have to update them and be sure that they know the reasons. If you are in a relationship, of course you also have to ask permission from your partner and well sometimes they don’t agree. So it is okay if you are still single because the only person you ask permission is your parents. #MoreFreedom

I think that’s all for now. hahaha honestly, this is so random post. I wrote this for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. So I am sorry if there are errors or wrong grammars. Forgive me.

What’s your status as of the moment as of the moment? Comment down!

Well thank you for reading and until next time!




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