I can’t imagine that it’s already 2018. Just for real. 2017 went by too fast. It was one hell roller coaster ride for me just like a blink of an eye. With those 365 days, I learned so many things. It is either good or bad, positive or negative, happiness or sadness. So here they are:



  • He might not like you, but somebody will. If I like someone, it’s like big adjustments on my part for him to notice me. But I see to it that I always know my value as a girl. Well, at the end of the day always remember that if someone you like doesn’t feel the same, somebody will on the right, in the right place, at the right moment.
  • Let Go and Let God. There are times in my life that I really wanted to give up and just rest. But I know to myself that I should and I must continnue. Why? There’s God who is always there beside me who guides me and who loves me. I should let Him decides what is really for me.
  • Bitterness is unhealthy. Don’t be too bitter to someone you don’t really like. It means that you are insecure to him/her. Always remember that everyone is UNIQUE. Everyone has the capability to do such things. Know yours.
  • Invest in Friendships. At this moment in my life, I should know who really my true friends are. Some of them I already encounter the previous years and I treasure them now. I do believe that it is better to have lesser friends but they are true and real than to have so many friends who are unreal in front of you. It’s unhealthy for you. Believe me.
  • Be contented with what you have. I have this so called maturity now. Last 2017, I turned 18 and I know to myself that I am now matured. In terms of my actions and decisions in life. I learn to appreciate what I have and I know that I should work hard for something for me to achieve it.
  • Take care of yourself. Honestly, I abused myself the previous year, not just physically but also emotionally. For this year 2018, I must take care of myself. I must gain weight and I must know what is really meant for me.
  • Love your parents. I do appreciate my parents nowadays. Before 2017 ends, I had a fight with my mother that takes almost 1 month. No talking to each other and believe me it is so DIFFICULT to endure it. I was crying almost every night because of that and waking up with red eyes.
  • Accept that people really change and learn to love them. The only permanent in this world is Change. All things and even people changes from time to time. We can’t do anything about it and just accept it eventually.
  • Express yourself in your most creative way. Year 2017 that I really enjoyed and I am very active here on my blog. I just want to express myself and share what I want to other people. This 2018, I just wanted to start something new, and that is my YouTube Channel. #PleaseSubscribe
  • Be careful what you wish for, it will eventually happen one day. If you want to achieve something, work hard for it. God will eventually grant your wish if it’s really for you and for your own good.



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