Bloggo PH x Symply G: How I Take Care Of My Hair


If I have to choose what is my favorite part of my body aside from my lips, it’s none other than my hair. They say that it is the best crown that anyone can wear that is why it is so important for me to have a healthy hair.




For the past 17 years, I am proud to say that I have natural and virgin hair. No treatment done aside from haircut and hot oil. But when I just turned 18, I decided to change it and put a color on it. Fun fact is — I always wanted to have RED HAIR but I am still a student so its a BIG NO NO for now.


I always try new shampoo and conditioner to determine what really fits my hair. I don’t have specific brands because like I said I always TRY. I just want to share with you guys the ways how I take care of my invisible crown (HAIR) in just 5 simple ways. So keep on reading.

1. Try to know what you really want for your hair. It may be the style, color and even the products you’ll use for your hair.
2. Brush/Comb your hair atleast 50-100x . For me I comb it 100 times everyday.
3. Let your hair dry naturally. I don’t want to use hair dryer because I am not fond of it and for me it consumes so much energy. ( But I use hair dryer sometimes)
4. Use a protector for your hair such as umbrella or hat. I really love to use hat for my hair. Plus you can be a little bit stylish when you add hat on your OOTD #Fashion
5. Test your hair once in a while. To determine what product suits you. And eventually use it.


And now I am happy and excited to share with you what I am currently using for my hair that I really really love. It’s like I already found the one (naks cheesy!). It is the newest SYMPLY G or SYMPLY GORGEOUS KERATION SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER.

For about 2 weeks I already tried it and I love the result and I really recommend everyone to use it.


  • It is really affordable. About PHP 6.00 for the 22ml sachet (you can use it for about 2x) and PHP 83.00 for the 200ml bottle.
  • It is really easy to find. Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Condition is available at Puregold Branches and even Sari-Sari Stores Nationwide.
  • It is like you had a treatment. This shampoo and conditioner really knows what to do with the hair. After using it the hair became soft and silky and even shiny one for the colored hair.
  • The fragrance is BOMB. Like can I say I really love how it smell? And I am already addicted to it. The smell stays all day and you don’t have to worry anymore.
  • Lastly, it has Keratin with an Argan Oil which is really I think a must have for the hair.

26055828_10208375082174718_6140165586686797524_n.jpgAnd now!!!

Dear followers, you’re in for a treat. Get a chance to win a treat from Symply G by following these steps:

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