Annual Family Day at CHSM


Last school year, when I enrolled at College of the Holy Spirit Manila I was really shocked that there were so many cultures and activities happening almost every month. Though I used to adjust! (Lol adjustment is real) and one of my favorite event in the College is the Annual Family Day.



When I decided to enroll at CHSM, I feel like I belong to a family unlike when I am in other school just pure Academics and Extra-Curricular Activities. But this School is really an exception and they really accept you as a Part of the Family!


For this year, the college already have a bigger family. Why? There were so many enrollees of Senior High School unlike last year we were only 90 students enrolled in the Senior High School Department.



I was so amazed how the student leaders conducted this kind of event and it was very memorable for all of us. My section is included in the family of “Team Mission” which is color Green. And there were other colors that represents values such as Unity, Uniqueness, Constant Communication and Equality.


After the parade and the program in the morning, the college also had the Mass and after the mass, it was already the announcement of winners.

For this year’s winner — it was the Magenta Team! Followed by us — Green Team. Everybody in the College is so happy for this kind of event.


Sad to say that this will be my last family day at CHSM since I am graduating as Senior High School. But honestly the past 2 years that I’ve been studying there, the Annual Family Day was always the Memorable one.


PS. Photos are not mine. It was taken by Student Council Executive Board. I was so happy that day that I forgot to take pictures.


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