HO.HO.HO last month of the year 2017, and it is really the season of the year! Today is officially DECEMBER ❤ yaaassss.. So I decided to make a blog post for what are the things I look forward this month.

  • Christmas Parties

Of course, this is the season for parties, everywhere. Haha for this year I think, I have so many parties needed to attend to. And I am so excited for it. And if given a chance I’ll share it with you guys through this blog.

  • Christmas Vacation

I think for our Christmas vacation it takes I think 3 weeks for us to enjoy the holidays. And I am so excited for what I’ll definitely do during that period of time. But also I have to manage my time wisely, because one thing is for sure, Long vacation – More School Works.

  • Entrance Exam in PUP

This December 9, I’ll have to take the entrance exam of PUP in order for me to know if I have to study there for college or I have to look for another school to attend to after my Senior High School.

  • Bloggers United

Yaaaaasss, I am looking forward to this event. And also it will be on December 9, 2017 at the World Trade Center <3. Hahaha I have a conflict to this day but I will surely come. I have and MUST to see my favorite bloggers/influencers. And you have to watch out for my blogpost for that. Yaaaayyy!

  • Noche Buena with Family

Also every year, I am so excited for the noche buena with my family. I am so excited for the food because we all know #FoodIsLife ❤ and we are all together waiting for the clock turns exactly 12am for December 25.

  • Reflecting for the whole year

Yes, I think I’ll blog something about this. And I am starting now. Quite exciting, right? Yes!

So that’s all. Here are the things that I look forward this December. You, what are the things you look forward this end of the month! Comment below!




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