Random Blog Post: Powerpuff A’s

Yes, a random blog post for now since I am so busy for my finals week and I can’t concentrate for what I’ll blog. Lol I’m sorry. 😀 I’ll definitely be back if my schedule permits. Hahaha

I wanna share with you guys this randomly blog post. Haha I have friends (lol I know all people have their own set friends) and for me they are really special. Sometimes, a random or unplanned catching up with each other is really a good thing.



Me, Jel and Ate Rai we call ourselves Powerpuff A’s. You wanna why? Hahaha simple.. we love Arisse de Santos (the famous blogger/BFF of Kathryn Bernardo) and just recently, we organized her birthday party / meet up with her fans.. so yeah I think that’s the time where it started and Jel decided to call ourselves — Powerpuff A’s.



Just unplanned ‘Thesis Work’ (catching up) hahaha jk for us three. And unlimited chickahan is really a great thing and special moments for a friendship.

And this is the latest catch up we had ❤ #UmuulanThatTime



Until next!



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