There are times in our own lives in every single day that we don’t really know what to do. You have no clue what to do next… that’s what we call BOREDOM.

I decided to make a blog post like this because I’m BORED. Hahaha ironic, right? So here’s the things/activities I always do whenever I am freaking bored.

  1.  Read a book. – LOL if you know me enough, I am a proud BOOKWORM. Hahaha I do really love books especially new.
  2. Create a new playlist. – I do love music too; I have a total of 5 playlist on my phone.
  3. Do wardrobes clean up. – See and explore all your things in your own wardrobe. Hahaha
  4. Watch TV series/movie series. – Honestly, I love and enjoy watching series. So far my favorite are 13 Reasons Why and Crazy Little Things Called Love.
  5. Stalk your crush. – Duh, social media. Hahaha Stalk your crush all the way.
  6. Reflect. – Being reflective is very important to me.
  7. Meet an old friend. – Friends are very sentimental and important to me.
  8. Learn a foreign language. – I wanna start mine.. Maybe soon! Hahaha and I want SPANISH.
  9. Have a mani-pedi. – Pamper yourself if you are bored. Visit your favorite salon.
  10. Cook a food for yourself only. – I always do this. Foodtrip. For myself only. Hahaha
  11. Read Blogs. – Just search on google, or read my previous posts.
  12. Visualize your future. – I always look into the positive side of the future. What might happen to me.
  13. Visit your favorite online shops and BUY. – Less hassle because you’re not going to the mall to buy. Hahaha or maybe you can.
  14. Watch videos on Youtube. – I usually watch random vlogs or tutorials.
  15. SLEEP. – That’s the best thing to do when you’re bored, go to sleep. Hahaha.

Yes, finally! Here are the activities/things that I usually do when I’m bored. Do you have yours? Comment below and let me know! Maybe I can use them too.



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