Few BUT Intimate ( Arisse at 24)

Our Birthday Girl ❤️

Just like the other year, the fans/friends/followers of the famous blogger Arisse de Santos managed to throw a birthday celebration for her. (Though it was a POST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION). This time, it was an intimate celebration with just few people consisting of her official fan bases (MADAMING FANS SI ATE GIRL. HAHAHA) namely; ArisseLovers, Arisseters, ArisseBuddies and ArisseBeauties (we missed you ArisseGlobal, we hope to see next event) plus with Ate Arisse and with her supportive mom– Tita Liz.

Arisse and Tita Liz ❤️

We decided to have the celebration at an exclusive yet affordable venue. And finally there we had the Sikat Studio which is along Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

The place is very nice and appropriate for the event, and we even decorate it (thank you for those who helped). And of course, for our food, the organizers decided to have Shakey’s (just like Ate Arisse said, “Shakey’s Babies always”) take-out.


While we were eating, we made it fun by chatting and catching up with each other since we were only few, so it was really a good one.


After eating, FAST TALK with Ate Arisse? Or should I say with everyone? Hahaha. The fast talk consists of 24 Questions. Lol. Then a simple game using NIPS. Hahaha 🙂 (see pictures above)

My Marion ❤️
Louise ❤️
De Santos ❤️

And lastly, the picture taking moment with the birthday celebrator. And a GROUFIE of course ❤


And I guess, this is where it ends for my blog about this. I can say that after the party everyone enjoyed the celebration/bonding ❤️ and I hope for the future events with Ate A, I’ll see them again.

Ate Girls with Ate Arisse ❤️

In behalf of Jel, Rai and Kat (me) thank you so much owners and admins and members of each fansclub for coming and for making this celebration possible.


And of course, also to Ate Arisse and Tita Liz, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time and for coming to this simple celebration. We hope to see you again soon and we love you!


PS. Credits to the owners of the pictures. Thank you. Hahaha ❤ I don’t have pictures the whole party #EmceeDuties  ❤️


The pahabol na pictures sa parking lot. haha ❤️ Thank you so much ate!! We love you, always remember that! ❤️

Until next time!



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