Goodbye August, Hello September

It’s already the start of -ber months! well guys a part of me wants to make the time run slower but a part of me can’t wait for December. Yaayy! Christmas Time babe and it means vacation. Hahahaha (lol I love to sleep and eat)

I just want to share with you guys what happen to me the whole August month. So let’s get started! Keep reading.

  • I was able to survive for my midterm exam. lol it was really hard though because of the pressure, the requirements that needs to be submitted on time, the lessons needs to review, and other stuffs to accomplished before the deadline. But still thank God for the strength He gave me.
  • I was sleepless the whole month, no kidding. It was like I was only able to sleep for 2-4 hours a day. But still weekends are exception, when Saturday and Sunday before I do my stuffs I see to it that I sleep well. Then after doing to I’ll sleep or eat again. Lol xD
  • We had a birthday celebration for Arisse de Santosit was an intimate and enjoyable one. I might blog and share it with you guys, maybe soon! Hahaha
  • Attended a couple of parties and events either with friends or classmates.
  • I update my blog more often (after my busy week) hahaha more blog posts to come before the year end.

So yes! Here’s the update for my whole month of August, how about yours? Share it with me!



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