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  1. My full name is Katrin Marielle Jose Antonio
  2. My friends used to call me KAT or KATRIN, but within my family and relatives its MARIELLE
  3. I’m a Senior High School Student taking up Accountancy and Business Management at College of the Holy Spirit Manila
  4. I studied my elementary and junior high school days at Public Schools #PROUD
  5. I was a dancer back in my elementary years
  6. I was the Vice President of Student Council back in Elementary
  7. For now, I miss dancing really. A lot.
  8. I often dance during programs back then. #StageIsLife
  9. I love Math and English
  10. If I will be given a chance I want to take up Culinary or Tourism
  11. I am afraid of SNAKES 😦 huhuhu
  12. I am OC. Hahah if you know what I mean (CLEAN and ORGANIZE)
  13. I am so sensitive and emotional at times
  14. I love anything that is chocolate flavor
  15. Dark Chocolates > Milk Chocolates (LOL eversince)
  16. I love milk teas and so far I am inlove with matchas
  17. I love to sing (in the shower) hahaha
  18. I love to eat fruits and a little bit of vegetables
  19. I have a desire in fashion
  20. I love cheap stores . hahaha #KuripotIsMe
  21. I am a frustrated swimmer. Hahaha (don’t know how to swim)
  22. I can’t focus if my surrounding is too noisy
  23. I can eat anything.. lol except AMPALAYA
  24. I am contented with my life right now.
  25. I am an achiever eversince. I have a total of 15 medals
  26. I don’t eat JAPANESE FOOD or RAW food
  27. I am a middle child 🙂
  28. I love kids 🙂 they are so cute and adorable
  29. People’s First Impression to me: (SNOB AND MATARAY) whyyy? Huhuhu
  30. I am so friendly with everyone. 🙂 just bear with my weirdness
  31. I am weird … sometimes
  32. I had my first ever cellphone when I was in Grade 7. lol #HIGHSCHOOL
  33. Take me to one of my favorite destination and I’ll marry you. Hahaha (JOKE) but really I wanna go there
  34. I love Hermione
  35. My style: Classic and Basic (as long as its comfortable) sometimes minimalist
  36. I love PASTA especially white
  37. I love PIZZA …. really #PEPPERONI
  38. I love to sleep or blog during my free time
  39. Take me to adventure I am always game!
  40. I love books… really they make me happy
  41. Stitch is my 1st love followed by Superman and Batman
  42. I love vintage
  43. I am fond of fashion magazines
  44. I am learning to put make ups properly
  45. I love lipsticks especially MATTES and DARK SHADES
  47. I love FRIES.. too many
  48. I prefer behind the camera but I love also myself to be the subject
  49. I am a badminton player and a journalist student before
  50. I wanna color my hair — RED .. like Ate Vina Guerrero
  51. I love to wear lipsticks everytime
  52. I started blogging 2 years ago. During my last year on Junior High School
  53. I am a cheap shopper
  54. I love to eat.. but I don’t get fat.. how sad on my part
  55. My shoe size is 6 or maybe 7 hahaha it depends
  56. I love denims they are BOMB.
  57. I hate being LATE
  58. I am afraid of REJECTION and FAILURES
  59. I wanna travel soon.. maybe with my special someone if I have already or maybe with my friends
  60. I love coffee more than milk tea
  61. We have IN or INE within our names (Martin, Jasmine, Katrin, Justin, Nadine) #SIBLINGGOALS
  62. I am a sweet tooth
  63. I am so talkative, but still it depends on a person
  64. I hate drawing (I don’t know how :()
  65. I am a Kdrama addict
  66. I always wanted to have my own CAMERA. Maybe soon!
  67. I am a Catholic .. pure
  68. I love Christian Bautista, Tim Pavino and Arisse de Santos
  69. I have alot of inspiration when it comes to blogging. Maybe I could share them soon!

I love doing this thing. Hahaha Thank you guys! I hope you enjoyed. Make one similar to this and tag me. I wanna know you more





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