Would you rather… OR Would you rather…

Hey guys! Well due to my boredom I made questions.. haha I hope you can answer them..

So would you rather this OR would you rather that…

  1. Always have the first laugh OR Always have the last laugh?
  2. Have full control over your dreams OR Never have to sleep ever?
  3. Have unlimited supply of pizza OR Have unlimited supply of bacon?
  4. Be the youngest sibling OR Be the eldest sibling?
  5. Live in a floating boathouse OR Live in a treehouse?
  6. Have more money OR Have more time?
  7. Win the lottery OR Live twice as long?
  8. Be in a famous music band OR Be in a famous movie?
  9. Be a kid your whole life OR BE an adult your whole life?
  10. Say YES to everything OR Say NO to everything?
  11. Own a Dragon OR Own a Unicorn?
  12. Have everything you touch disappear OR Have everything you touch stick to you?
  13. Be able to freeze time OR Be able to replicate a past event?
  14. Have the good news first OR Have the bad news first?
  15. Be able to change the past OR Be able to control the future?
  16. Have constantly dry eyes OR Have constantly runny nose?
  17. Have a grapefruit sized head OR Have a watermelon sized head?
  18. Have the ability to fly OR Have the ability to read minds?
  19. See how or what created the civilization OR See how or what ends the civilization?
  20. Be able to copy/paste in real life OR Be able to undo in real life?
  21. Stub your toes OR Get a papercut?
  22. Be able to talk with all animals OR Be able to speak all foreign languages?
  23. Have a lifetime supply of yummy foods OR Have a lifetime supply of good books?
  24. Be half of your height OR Double your weight?
  25. Live in space OR Live under the sea?
  26. Have no fingers OR Have no elbows?
  27. Get up early OR Stay up late?
  28. Never be able to feel emotions OR Never be able to express emotions?
  29. Be the funniest person OR Be the most intelligent person?
  30. Never lose your phone again OR Never lose your keys again?

So tell me your answers! haha 🙂



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