Hey guys! Been a while since I blog. And now I wanna share with you my favorite korean dramas. Since I started watching them last February 2017 and I can say that it was great to be included in the fever. (lol kinain na ng sistema). So here’s the korean dramas that I’ve watched already and I recommend you guys to watch it too. Here you go!


Uncontrollably Fond

For me this is a real drama. There’s no fantasy involved in this. Just the real ones. And be ready to cry in this kind of drama.. Reality strikes it will make you cry.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Love in the Moonlight

I am hooked to this korean drama and so far this drama take me 2 weeks just to finish.. Maybe because that time I am too busy with my thesis, so yeah STUDY FIRST. But I really like this korean drama not just because the Prince is so HANDSOME. (lol he’s really handsome) also I like the plot and the characters.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo 

After watching Love in the Moonlight, I decided to watch Scarlet Heart which is something like related to the LITM. Well almost, they have the same plot and almost the same behavior. I am so brokenhearted when I watched it, really. Would you believe that in just one episode my feeling is miserable? Yes! I really recommend this bittersweet kind of Korean Drama.


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This drama is a funny one for me. I really love how Lee Sung Kyung portrayed the character. And it is really a good one plus the fact that I want some of the k-beauty products introduced in this drama. Maybe soon I can buy them to have a beauty like Lee Sung Kyung.



After watching this I am so I love with Gong Yoo, really am. I watched him first at Train to Busan and before in Coffee Prince. This drama is a must-watch because it has a nice plot and you can easily understand the story.







I’m currently watching DOCTORS, and yes so far so good, I can relate because my classmate is also watching this drama. So we’re on the same boat by the way. Maybe soon I can include my review on Doctors here. There were certain dramas that I don’t really like but I won’t mention it anymore, maybe because it doesn’t really suit my taste and from the beginning I don’t like it anymore.

What are you favorite kdramas that you can recommend to watch? Comment down below and share with us!



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