I really highlighted the following phrases and quotes from the book

  • “Our environment dictates our future. Its up to us to choose which places we want to play in. Live in a negative environment and stay mediocre. Live in a positive way environment and see your life flourish. The choice is yours”
  • “Maybe the reason why God or the universe isn’t giving you what you want right now is because you haven’t shown that you’re ready”
  • “Remember, Idle time is the devil’s playground. Do not allow yourself to waste and be unproductive.”
  • “Life is never meant to be easy. Its the challenges we face along the way that help us grow as individuals” 
  • “They say that experience is the best teacher. I disagree. The experience of others is an even better teacher. It’s less expensive. Learn from my mistakes so you won’t have to make them.”
  • “Success as with anything is a learnable skill. It’s something you can work on daily to achieve the life you want.”
  • “What separates successful people from unsuccessful people is that they do the work that no one else wants to do in spite of being afraid.”
  • “The mind that got me in this situation I was in, wasn’t the same mind that takes me out of it.”

If you guys wanna read my review about the book  ‘Break Free’ you can check this out 



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