• I decided to write this when I was watching Binibining Pilipinas 2017. So yeah it’s been a while since I blog a LIFE UPDATE.
  • I have so many many kwentos to you guys and I really wanted to blog that kwentos but yeah I got a little time to do it.
  • I miss going to school. Huhuhu I’m so bored at home. I only SLEEP, EAT, READ, DRAFT BLOG, SOCIAL MEDIAS then
  • Honestly, I hate my father. Not totally my father but his attitude. I don’t know why but I really hate him since my vacation started. 😦 that sometimes I don’t wanna stay at home.
  • I keep on thinking if when will I get fat or chubby. Hahahaha I’m really really thin right now. I wanna gain weight.
  • I had my vacation on my mother’s province — ZAMBALES. And it was really fantastic and enjoyable. Maybe I will blog that soon. Watch out for that guys.
  • I experience sleeping like 5am and waking up 12pm. Then I’ll eat then rest for a while then sleep again. I’m so TAMAD ba? haha

Yeah, so far that’s for now for my Life Update 🙂



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