16 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I don’t eat JAPANESE FOOD. And other foreign cuisine that is not approved by my appetite. (Sorry food bloggers)
  2. I started wearing eyeglass during my high school year and I never tried to wear contact lenses. Before, I thought that I would not be like my mom whose wearing eyeglass since she was young.
  3. I really love reading books. I cannot live without books. Any interesting books will do.
  4. I am a coffee person slash a water person too.
  5. When highschool years came, I really lose weight and I never gained after that. I used to be chubby when I was in elementary. And I don’t know now how to bring that back.
  6. I love hiking, even though I seldom hike. I don’t have enough time.
  7. I don’t usually do make-ups but nowadays I can’t leave the house without lipstick. lol
  8. I love to eat but I don’t know how to cook. (I know some dishes and I am willing to learn more.)
  9. I don’t answer my phone when I am busy and if the number is not registered. And when I call someone, if after 3 rings still not answered I tend to end it right away.
  10. I usually speak English whenever I am in other place and/or buying something. And sometimes when talking to my friends too.
  11. I decided to start blogging because I am bullied before. I want to express my feelings and emotions and thoughts thru writing/blogging.
  12. I love chocolates and pizza. And I really do. Pizza with lots of chees. Also chocolates with peanuts or dark chocolate will do.
  13. I never dyed my hair but I really really want to. But my mother never allow me. How sad on my part tho.
  14. I am a middle child. My parents separated before for almost 8 years and I am the youngest back then. After that they decided to live with each other again and now I have 2 younger siblings.
  15. I don’t depend on others. When I want something I work hard for it. I am SUPLADA. And I am proud to say that. Sometimes I am MOODY and nobody can’t do anything about it. In-short BIPOLAR.
  16. I have a guy bestfriend before who left me for a girl and after that I don’t do bestfriends. Only close friends.

There you go. These are the some things that people don’t really know about me. Maybe some other time I can add more.

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