“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Oh well, I know students like me admit it or not, we are all tired of studying. From Mondays-Fridays , early morning or whatever time is your first class for the day, we have (MUST) to deal with it. Waking up using your phone/alarm clock, doing a lot of homework, projects and reports is normal for students. Again, it is NORMAL. But the question is how to survive on those things?

Like me, “How I Can Survive?” . Well, I am a typical/normal student studying hard for the future. I wake up early morning in every single day to attend my class.

I usually start my day with opening my eyes (LOL obviously) jk. Of course with a prayer although I usually passed by to a church during my commute before going to school.

Well, just a typical student life, I stayed in school almost whole day, well not totally but almost 8-9 hours per day. My class always start at 7:30 am and usually ended at 3:45 pm and 5:00 pm during TH/F. Can you imagine how long and hard it is?

But well, yeah I keep myself motivated and ready and inspired throughout the day.

Whenever, I arrive at home usually 5:30 pm or 6 pm, I always take time to reflect and see what happen on me that day. I always make sure to finish my homework/reports before anything else. I have my own table on my elder brother’s room and it makes me comfortable to study every time.


Whenever I do my homework, projects and reports, I always wanted to have a peace surrounding. Well, I don’t mind having people around me as long as he/she is quiet enough for me. It is a BOTHER for me to hear such noise and I can’t really focused to what I am doing.

LOL sorry for my face. haha xoxo

Usually, when it comes to projects and researches (thanks to my profs, they allotted enough time) I always make sure that I’ll do my best to have a good grade for it.

And when it comes to reviewing lessons or notes, I don’t mind if it is a group or solo, as long as it is peaceful. During night, when I have quiz/test the next day I always make sure that I have a coffee or chocolate during my review moment to make me feel alive.

Last one πŸ˜€

Now, that few days/weeks left and the school year will end. Well this is true, I’m gonna miss my daily routine. Hahaha for 2 months of vacation, I hope my routine will continue or will stay the same. lol

Always remember that, you should always be positive with what you do especially when it comes to your EDUCATION, because that is the FUTURE. Don’t lose HOPE and keep SMILING. πŸ™‚



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