The pleasure is mine when I got an invite for the soft opening of Massive Munchies last February 18, 2017 near Quiapo Manila. Well, Massive Munchies started when two individuals from Dumaguete innovate a food specifically a PIE. For a very affordable price you can have a pie with both traditional and modern taste of Filipino food plus an Italian-Mexican taste too.

Year 2014 when Massive Munchies started with just only one store in Dumaguete and now branching out into 3 stores in just 2 years. Well, its taste really captured the heart of the people in Dumaguete.

And now the owners decided to build up a Massive Munchies store here in Metro. (and now I can say that it will be a success for them.) Soon, they are planning to expand and have a branches around the Metro like Makati.

The owners, Mr. Tad Angara and Mr. Dexter Bautista both don’t have a skill in culinary part to have a business like this but still they pushed through. Well, Mr. Angara said that they did “Trial and Error” for the recipe which is very impressive that turns out into that kind of taste of the Pocket Pies.


The price starts at PHP 39 for the regular size and PHP 59 for the king size. Also they offer 4 flavors for the pocket pies namely: Cheesy Pepperoni, Tuna Lasagna, Beef & Mushroom, Cheesy Taco.

I am for Cheesy Pepperoni and Cheesy Taco (Lol. eversince I am a PROUD CHEESE LOVER) . The first one is the signature flavor of Massive Munchies and truly the crowd’s favorite. You too should try it and I can say that in just 1 pocket pie for only PHP 39 you will be satisfied.

(Some pocket pies given by the MASSIVE MUNCHIES for my family)

Lastly, Massive Munchies soon will add some products on their menu like hotdog sandwiches, some drinks and other flavors of the pocket pies. (Yaaayy! I’m excited for the other flavors soon!) and that’s something to wait and see for.

For more information about Massive Munchies you can visit their Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

Thank you so much #MassiveMunchiesInManila 





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