Life Lately 1.0

Hi everyone! So far my first month of 2017 has been really crazy.! There were so many struggles and challenges I encountered. Eventhough people don’t like faced challenges I do believe that  we still manage to find happiness even on small things around us.

Now, I decided to share a little bit personal post with you guys. (Bare with me please). Behind my smile every single day a Personal and Lifestyle Teen Blogger/ Senior High Student facing a lot of challenges and stress.

I’m just a girl who really wanted to sleep all day, who wanted to drink coffee and relax, who wanted to have a peace of mind and unwind even just for a week, who wanted to feel she is special, who wanted to make a change, who does not feel good enough, a girl who doesn’t want rejections and out of place feeling, who wanted to be happy, who wanted to make her parents proud, who wanted to graduate with a degree and who wanted to achieve her goals and dreams in life.

I can say that my life is not perfect and not a goals. And I know that nobody has a perfect life. We all have problems, challenges and ups and downs. Almost everyday I have a story to make. It may be positive or negative.But I always remember that

“A day has only 24 hours, you can always be happy AFTER that couple of hours.”

I, as a 17 year old girl,  I already encountered so much problems and challenges which I know thru my life is a huge learnings. Like my blog post on “Thankful at 17” my life is a ROLLERCOASTER, and I already expected that.Sometimes I am happy, and sometimes I’m not. And I know it is a matter or choice and how I handle that problems.I know that my life is nonsense if I don’t have problems and challenges to face. (And I bet you too.) and it is COMPLETELY BORING.

God made us here maybe for a Purpose or a Reason, I believe either of the two. And for me I chose the first one. I know that I have a purpose here on earth. And we all know that we have a freedom to do whatever we wanted to do. It is for us to know if it is good or bad.

Always remember that “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind” so always be positive. Be happy enough and appreciate everything even the smallest things. Our happiness do really matter.

Do whatever you want, live life to the fullest and always love yourself. Be happy 🙂



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