Aloha Swimwear PH

“Life Is Better In A Bikini”


Few months left and it is summer already. Beach is one of the best hangout place during this season. However, swimwear / bikinis is A MUST-HAVE for the girls. This is the season when they have a freedom to showcase their sexy bodies and enjoy the water and some activities.

Aloha Swimwear PH is one of the bikini lines based in the Philippines. Cilyn Abella, the owner, launched this bikini line because she is a proud and self-proclaimed Bikini Lover. Well, who doesn’t love Swimwear / Bikinis right? Well, I can say that no girl should take down or say no to bikinis.

Another thing, Aloha launched their 1st different collection of their swimwear just for you. It is a unique items too. Aloha will not disappoint you with their designs, styles and even PRICE! For your information girls, each items costs only 400 PHP – 900 PHP. Isn’t it cheap for a branded and high quality swimwear? Every traveller / ladies could buy more by spending less money.

Here are the sample designs and style

I heard this February Aloha will launched another sets of new designs. Well watched out for that girls! Also, Onesies will definitely be on top. It will showcase three to four items that will come in different colors!

For more informations and questions, you can contact Aloha Swimwear PH thru their social media accounts and contact number below:



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