Thoughts and Questions at 3:00 AM

There’s something wrong with my body clock. Lately, I’ve been sleeping like around 3 or 4 in the morning and I know it is unhealthy, really. I am hoping that there’s something I can do about this. And because I really can’t sleep I decided to get my phone and draft a blog like this and now it is already complete and ready to post. Please allow me to share what’s on my mind during this time.

  1. I want to sleep.
  2. Why do I love coffee so much?
  3. What will be my next blog post?
  4. What do I really want in this life?
  5. Follow me: @katrin_marielle
  6. I want something new.
  7. I wanna take a break.
  8. Chocolatessss especially DARK
  9. Next color of my nail polish? Hmmm.
  10. Wait, I’ll drink water.
  11. I’m baaaacckkk.
  12. And I’m wide awake.
  13. Where’s my earphone?
  14. I forgot.
  15. Fifty Shades of Grey
  16. Christian Grey
  17. I think I’m inlove…
  18. With coffee, pizza and chocolates.
  19. I want to write a lot.
  20. But I don’t have enough time ;(
  21.  I’m crazy right now.
  22.  I want PIZZA, now.
  23. I want to climb mountain.
  24. Why do people leave other people?
  25.  ‘Cause there’s something in the way you look at me.
  26.  Christian Bautista
  27.  Musical Plays
  28.  Jersey Boys
  29. I should be proud of myself.
  30.  College of the Holy Spirit Manila
  31. What went wrong?
  32. Why is it too long for me to make my dreams into reality?
  33.  I miss him.
  34.  I crave for something new.
  35.  I want to have my own domain.
  36. I want a camera.
  37. Fujifilm or Canon
  38.  Accounting is a bitch.
  39.  Sometimesss…. Hahaha
  40. Enough for this..
  41.  Hahahaha. Waaaaiiitt
  42.  So many thoughts eh..
  43. Booksss
  44. National Book Store/ Booksale.
  45. Percy Jackson
  46. Logan Lerman
  47.  Someday, I wanna write a book.
  48.  Entitled ‘Thoughts of K’
  49.  Ohhh that’s my blog name.
  50. I can’t stop.
  51. Hahahaha wait 4 more.
  52. Let me sleep.
  53. Bye guysss
  54. Thanks for reading this nonsense post.
  55.  ZzzzzzZZZZ: I’LL TRY TO SLEEP
  56. I can’t ;(
  57.  God help me.
  58. Will he still love me the same?
  59. 3:58 am and I’m still awake.
  60.  4:00am GoodMorNight ! Hahaha seriously speaking. I’m gonna sleep na 


Thanks for reading my craziness  😀15554739_10205989085726298_1589901323_n



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