Just a random thought again that I want to share and post here on my little corner blog. I am very eager to share what’s on my bucketlist this 2017 (will definitely update this) wherein I am more willing to accomplish before I die. Well, here are they.

⚫Travel on my own.
⚫Skydiving and Scubadiving
⚫Travel different places/countries as much as I can with important people in my life
⚫Climb 30+ mountain
⚫Achieve different opportunies and plans by God for me.
⚫Create my own name on the social media
⚫Have my own domain
⚫Capture every moments/memories
⚫Catch up with old friends
⚫Meet and interact with kind and incredible people.
⚫Inspire others in my own ways.

So far this year, here’s my bucketlist! what’s yours? share with me!



4 thoughts on “MY BUCKETLIST (for now)

  1. Hello there. It is always nice to see newbie bloggers around. Good luck on your bucket list, iha. The 11th on your list is the best of them all because it doesn’t take extra effort, I believe. You can do it every single day just by being kind to yourself and to others.

    Good luck and keep writing.

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