FAVORITES: Two-Worded Words

So because of a random thought, I just want to share some of my favorite two-worded words πŸ™‚ Green Lights Perfect Timing Late Mornings Kind Strangers Honest Advice Genuine Conversations Breathtaking Views Extraordinary Books Mutual Feelings Happy Hour Thick Blankets Delicious Coffee Mistakes Forgiven Lessons Learned Shared Smiles Family Time Comfy Shoes Bonding Moments Unexpected… Read More FAVORITES: Two-Worded Words

My Gratitude List

So here are the things I’m GRATEFUL of: Roller Coaster Life Family Real and True Friends Education Mistakes Learnings Democratic Country Food Thoughts of K (my blog corner) Inspirations Challenges Hugs Kisses Happiness Adventures Smiles and Giggles Memories My Readers The INTERNET Kind Strangers Pizza Chocolates Coffee Time Sleep Music My MAMA French Fries Age… Read More My Gratitude List