I did blog hoppin’ just like my blogger friend taught me and one of the blogs that caught my attention is about this. Well I just read on that blog is only 5 things and I decided when I post a blog like that I should increase a number.

So I came up with these things I wish I were good at.

  • Dancing

Well I was a dancer back in my elementary days but when high school days came I stop. And whenever I tried to dance it was always epic. Haha maybe I should practice more? Or do workshops when I have time.

  • Hiding Feelings/Emotions

I include this because I am a type of person that is an open book to everyone. I am easy to read thru my emotions and expressions. So I just want to include this.

  • Playing a Piano/Guitar

The only instruments that I play is Banduria and Flute. Haha my elder brother knows how to play guitar and piano like a pro. And I really really admire him because of that. Well he sings too. He’s really blessed. Hahaha also I love the melody of piano.

  • Swimming

I am afraid of water. And honestly I really don’t know how to swim and float. I pity my other friends who knows how to do it. Whenever I am on a pool I feel nervous that’s why I only stay on the lower feet.

  • Speak English

Since I decided to have my own blog corner like the other amateur bloggers, I want my blog to be pure english and fluently constructed. But I know it really takes time and I am waiting for that.

  • Maintaining my IG Feed

As an aspiring blogger or even before I am a proud Instagram user. I always wanted to have a good feed and not a messy one. So I have to maintain on something that is natural yet classy.

  • Β Cooking

This is my favorite part. Haha I am only an eater and not a cooker. But I know how to cook ha. But not too many dishes and realistic food. I always wanted to eat. Period.

  • Solving algebra equations

Since I decided to take up Accountancy.. well MATH. Hahaha not purely math but most of the subject. And I really hate X and Y thingy . That’s all.

  • Draw

From the very start I really hate to draw, really hate to practice because it was always epic and fail whenever I try. So I already said that Drawing is not for me. Maybe I should appreciate others work instead.

So here they are. Hahaha Well it really takes time for me to finish this kind of post. It was very hard to list down these things.



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