So here are they…

✔ When my day is productive enough
✔ When I have enough time for myself
✔ When my plans happened
✔ When I really overcome stress
✔ When I perfect my quizzes
✔ When I am not late for a week
✔ When I eat pizza / french fries
✔ When I finish some drafts
✔ When I finally have to publish a blog
✔ When there’s no assignments
✔ When I hang out with my friends
✔ When I get enough sleep
✔ When my crush noticed me
✔ When I perfect putting my lipstick
✔ and lastly, Whenever I talk to HIM

Well, these are the things that makes me happy just for now! I do believe that there were so many things that makes me (us) happy. This serves as inspiration and a motivation for each day to be happy.

You, what are the things that makes you happy? Share it with me! I bet we have similarities!!



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