Dear Someone,

Hi! What’s up? How are you? I hope you’re good. Well I just want to congratulate you for being strong enough to handle problems, burdens, negativity or whatever you call it. I know that you are carrying that for how many years yet you manage to smile, laugh and make things possible. I know probably you’re very tired to keep it, to cry every night and smile the next day. I know that sometimes others might not understand you but please try to reach out and share what you have and what you feel. Remember, you’re human. You can’t bear them all by yourself. And believe me it’s okay , really really okay.

I know what you feel, and well you’ve done your part and it’s not your fault that not everybody will accept you as yourself. There’s always people who will bring you down, judge you and make you feel out of place. But always remember that if all people are against you, GOD is up there waiting for you to call him. Your family is also there, the true and real friends through thick thin of your life.

And now, I just want to say that I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I know that in your own mind there were so many what ifs and could have beens, just keep searching for answers to that and you’ll be happy. Just aim high and dream big for yourself.

I know you are brave enough this time to face them all, just remember that if you’re tired already, take a rest and reflect then go for it again until you succeed.

Until next time okay? Take care always.






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