Maybe I really don’t know what love is. I don’t know how to feel it, when it is supposed to happen. Hmmm, everytime I thought I was inlove, I always ended up heartbroken/hopeless. And I convinced myself that it is not love (yet).

  • Love is not EASY — it is very complicated because of the emotions involved.
  • Love is not a FAIRYTALE — it is not always like the leading man in every book we’ve read or movies we’ve watched.
  • Love is not DEFINABLE — no one can tell how it feels like, what exact words can really define LOVE.
  • Love is not a ONE TIME THING — we can feel it over and over again, if we open our own hearts.
  • Love is not LIFE — you must love yourself first, before others. Know your own priorities.

So the next time, I fall inlove, atleast I know what not to look on it.



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