Nowadays, we live in a society where everything is literally present. Social Medias, Television, and everything shows us how we should or should not look or live our lives. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Why? The fear of what others think about us.

And I just realized something, What if our mindset changed? What if we stopped being afraid of others and made our own kind beauty? I know that each and everyone of us is UNIQUE. No doubt about that, so why should we be like everyone else? We should accept who exactly we are and live life to fullest. Be happy and contented enough. Life has enough restrictions and sometimes we have to be able to break the mold. Learning to love ourselves is important. Never be afraid to show and express your own personal style. There should not have a so called “STANDARD” be who you are and that’s it!. Knowing yourself and being who you are is empowering.  Express yourself and be your own kind of beautiful.



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