I’m Not Good Enough

This group of words keeps running on my mind. It is something in my mind that affects most aspects of my life. Even though I’m still in the process of improving my self confidence but still in the battle with confidence issues on a day to day basis.

No matter how confident I’ll be, I’ll probably deep down always be insecure if someone who is becoming to mean something to me will leave me in time. I’m not trying to make out to be this very unconfident, painfully shy person because I’m not that but I would say I struggle with being confident in myself and struggle to have trust in a lot of people due to being treat like I’m easily replaceable and worthless before.

I know the feeling of being lost, being forgotten and left behind. I know how it feels to feel totally lost and you do not have a single clue how to find trust in new people again. (ganun talaga siguro pag nasasaktan na ng sobra) People make false promises, express fake emotions and feelings to try and get you to do things that suit them or for whatever reasons they have. Some people use people, some people treat others poorly but still there is good people in the world who aren’t like that. I do believe in that.

You don’t need to waste time on those types of people. Life is too short for that. How people treat you is no reflection of yourself, it’s a reflection of them. You don’t deserve someone to be hot and cold with you, you don’t deserve someone to treat you like you are worthless and replaceable. You are priceless. You are unique. Don’t let anyone make you feel any different.

A piece of advice, remember that there are still good people out there, trust me. It hurts when someone who means a lot to you treats you like shit, but there are people who will value you so much.



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