Arisse at 23 (with her fans ) ❤

(August 7,2016) Three Official Fansclub of the famous blogger Arisse de Santos decided to have a mini get together / birthday bash for her. Since her birthday is really August 4, it’s quite late for the celebration but still we HAVE TO CELEBRATE IT. (it’s a must actually. hahaha)

We decided to conduct the celebration at Pazzo Rollio Restaurant along Sgt. Esguerra near ABS-CBN. It’s quite convenient for the fans and guests because I think it’s so easy to find the place. Also, I can say that their food is good! (eventhough hindi ako kumain during the event. Hahaha). We maximized the place and I think we are 30+ all in all including Arisse and the guests. (Arra,Nice, Athena and Jel)


Before we decided to eat, we had a little Question and Answer Portion with the celebrant. Here are some of the questions that is being asked:

  • How’s your experienced on Selena Gomez’s Concert?
  • Since when did you start blogging?
  • Are you open for possibilities in showbiz?
  • Where and when did you meet Kath and Dj? First impression to them
  • Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez? (Nahirapan siya dito . hahaha )

and hey I want to share some reactions of Arisse during the Q and A 🙂


And guess what Arisse shared something with us! hahaha 😀 BUT secret muna. Note: (It’s for me to know guys and for you to find out!) I can say that I am super duper happy for her!

After the Q and A Portion we decided to eat na (Lol! we’re hungry already) and I don’t know how long we eat maybe 30-45 minutes 🙂 and then we sing ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ song to Arisse 🙂 (Syempre siya may birthday. hahaha) then just like the normal get together and event with her : Picture Taking Sessions and a little Autograph Signing 🙂

Make a wish, Miss A 🙂

NOTE: Ate Arisse ang famous mo na po talaga. hahaha I see that everybody loves you and wanted to be with you. 🙂

Here are the Group Photos with her 3 fansclub 🙂

Arisse Global
Arisse Lovers

Look what I’ve found 🙂 See This Video (Got from Arisse de Santos Official Facebook Page) ❤

The Gang ❤ hahaha
I have picture with her too! hahaha ❤
Pretty as always! I love you ate girl ! ❤

Almost 4 hours of having this event is quite surreal for me as one of the organizers and emcee of the event (Which I usually do…… for her and for the fansclub also! haha :D) And I do hope that everybody enjoyed in this celebration with Arisse and I’m looking forward to more events and get togethers with you guys! and lastly, I would like to say Thank You to all who came and ofcourse Ate Arisse together with your friends! ❤ Until next time!



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