Be Positive (Trying To Be)

I am usually a very positive person, and I am usually very motivated. I enjoy blogging and I really enjoy sharing my feelings and thoughts to other people, but now and again and again I get a wave of “Kat, what are you doing? Why are you doing all of this?” I think we can all admit we’ve been there, starting at a blank page or a freshly finished blog post and just thinking “Why did I bother?”

I recently posted some blog posts on my own site and as much as possible I want it to be updated eventhough only some people know about it. And believe me everytime I click the PUBLISH button I am really proud of it. It took me weeks and even months just to finally publish my thoughts/entry and I really love what am I doing, but still other people don’t give a damn and I don’t care about that. As long as I am happy and no one gets hurt I’ll go for it.

It just made me think “Why do I even try”. And it can be difficult to boost yourself after working hard and not thinking the final output is up to scratch. When you invest yourself into something, you want it to be good.

If this is you now, I have something to remind you. The reason you started blogging or singing or acting or even eating was because you enjoyed it. You started because it made you feels great to be good at something and have a creative outlet and it made you happy. One bad piece doesn’t end you; and others may not think it’s bad. Others might think it’s great. Just because it isn’t your best work doesn’t mean it’s not good, it just means that next time you can build on it and improve your skill. Don’t let one bad thing make you think that you aren’t good. Write something new, sing a new song, act like a star and eat like no one else going stop you, try something different; you can do it. Just don’t give up. The strongest people can pick themselves when they fall down.

Thanks for reading. I hope you learn something. I’d like to hear from you. Comment down please.




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