I’m Ready For It ❤

For a change maybe, I’m Ready. I think it’s been almost 5 years since I’m into this kind of mess. When I was in my Junior High School I always admire people on how they are confident with themselves and me? Why can’t I? They seemed to have the best lives in my eyes. But now that I am one of them, I can say that I’ve grown up. Time truly goes by so fast that sometimes, what you want is in your grasp but the next thing you know, it isn’t there anymore. Am I making sense?

Like I said, it’s been almost 5 years and frankly, I’m sick of feeling this way. I fell into a depressed state at about the end of June of 2015, my fourth year high school time, and it just got worse and worse. Don’t get me wrong; comparing myself to others then and now, my confidence has improved a lot but there’s still the little sef-esteem that is very low.

I want to change myself for the better, and become a new person in a way. I hope I can achieve that by actually trying and not giving up the moment something goes wrong. I hope to be happier, calmer and at peace before this year ends especially now that I am with the new environment, new people around me and school. I hope I can.




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