Signs That He’s Into You ❤

Hmmm. So random naman this blog topic for me but I can’t help but to post this one. Hahaha. Actually I’m not inlove these days. Ayy inlove pala sa studies promise! But back to the topic I think these are some signs na he’s into you/may gusto talaga or nagpaparamdam nga siya.

  • The awkward moment when the bill arrives

 Yeah, hindi naman mawawala na yayain ka lumabas/kumain or chill lang but I think this is most awkward moment in the date when the bill arrives and you blankly stare at each other. If a guy really like you he’d probably insist on paying for you, for me this is a nice gesture and attention – so as a girl/lady show some appreciation and let the guy know you are having a good time. However, don’t expect him to pay all the time, syempre minsan girls we have to pay din or hati kayo ni guy diba? Dalawa naman kayong kumain. Hahaha

  • Attention towards you

Ofcourse when you have a date or you hang out with a guys, you gotta have to talk, right? Ang boring pag pareho kayong walang sinasabi or isa lang yung nagkukwento diba? Have you ever been telling your guy bestfriend or ex-boyfriend a story and once you were done with it you realized that the person wasn’t listening to you at all? He probably wasn’t that much into you (apologies for the heartbreak) but if a guy is into you, he will take his time to pay attention to everything you say, what you wear and how you are around him. These details matter to man that is into you, so remember that next time you are on a date.

  • Excuses

If he likes you, he won’t make any. It is that simple. But not all the time. Sabi nga nila “Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may  dahilan,” whenever you need him syempre expect na nandyan siya for you.

  • Eye contact

This is one is really important. By eye contact, if he is really into you, he will look into your eyes and you’d feel like no one or nothing else around you matters. And ofcourse sa mata lang nakikita lahat, even your thoughts, feelings and etc.

So far this is what I know. Hahaha care to add some? Hirap ng hindi inlove . Jk. Hahaha. Thank you!




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