You Never Realize What You Have Until It’s Lost

I have this friend whom I’ve known since about 7th grade. We are both fangirls, and we are so close then, but ever since time passed by I feel like our friendship we getting stronger and stronger. We have a common friends also, who I talked to from time to time that year, but not the same as I talked to her because we are that close nga we are very open to each other. Somewhat like BFF na nga eh. We talk everyday. She tells me about her day, and I tell her about mine. We were so updated to each other just like to our idol.

Then that year also we had our simple Get Together with our Idol and she is not there but I try to contact her and she is not replying tho. I call and text her but still no response. After 2 days she did reply twice, asking what happen and what did she missed. I told her everything and I was really worried that I did time and I feel that something is wrong that made her angry or iritate at me. I texted her and it was like nothing had happened. We had our normal conversation and everything went back to normal. I didn’t ask her about why she was ignoring me… yet.

Looking back, I was worried for absolutely no reason. It’s situations like these that make you realize how much someone can mean to you. Then New Year came and I just cannot explain what happen to us. She is not talking to me anymore and still I dont know the real reason. I really missed her so much and I am looking forward to talk to her soon and ask what really happen and what she feels. Now that I’m talking about it, I’m realizing that there is a lot of people out there that mean a lot to me, but they don’t necessarily know that. Appreciate your friends, your family and those who care about you because you might never realize what you have until it’s lost.




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