Facts about Me From A-Z

I saw a lot of bloggers writing these kinds of posts, so I thought I should give it a try! I really like tags because you guys get to know me better! So here’s it.


  • Apples – one of my favorite fruit is apple. Literally I can survive a day with an apple.
  • Burger King – one of the best fastfood that serve GREAT BURGERS  #Favorite
  • Christian Bautista – My favorite singer / balladeer.
  • Deep Conversations – heart to heart conversations are the best to me. Deep conversations with the right people are priceless.
  • Emojis – For me, a conversation without emojis for is boring. I do love emojis .
  • Food – I love food. Everything!! I can stressed out by Eating.. as always.
  • Google – Google is part of my life now! I literally google anything and everything. Although, there are some questions that even google don’t have answers to.
  • How Did You Know  – always on my playlist especially the version sang by Kuya Ian (Christian Bautista)
  • Italy – I have been wanting to go to Italy in the future. Italy is one on the top of places I want to visit! Everything there is awesome. Do I have to say more?
  • Jasmine – my favorite among disney princess. (Trivia: Jasmine is the name of my elder sister)
  • Kat  – oh this is my nickname ❤
  • Laughter  – For me laughter is essential in everything. Do love what makes you laugh.
  • Marielle – This is my second name btw.
  •  “Never give up” – My favorite qoute.
  • Overthinking –  I overthink a lot about almost everything!
  • Pizza – I can say that this is part of my life. 😀
  • Quotes – I often read qoutes and I can relate much. haha (SENTI mdse)
  • Running – I love running especially in a wide area or comfy streets. One street that I love is Bonifacio Global City.
  • Sunset or Sunrise – sunset and sunrise are the best thing on earth! My favorite part of the day.
  • Tinkerbell – she’s the cutest. Haha #Favorite
  • Unique – I love to be unique in everything I do! I try to surround myself with unique people. Be inspired.
  • Vacation – this is my favorite time as a student, the vacation. Time to unwind and time to soul search.
  • Wifi – OMG this is very important for me especially that Blogging is one of my past time. LOL so this should be so important.
  • Xylophone – I love the sound everytime I heard someone’s playing xylophone.
  • Youtube – spend a lot of time watching youtube videos! I would actually love to have my own channel one day.
  • Zebra – I love zebra from the very first time my mother brought me to a zoo.


I tag everyone to do the same. Just type the first thing that comes to your mind and you will see that you already finished thinking facts about yourself. Plus it is arranged from A- Z.




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