Friday the 13th ❤

May 13,2016

I know it’s a bit late for this. But to tell you my so called “Friday the 13th” for this year 2016 was a memorable one. Wanna know why? ❤

We had our 1st ever “GET TOGETHER” with Arisse de Santos. Some people think that she’s not that famous but for me she is. In fact a she’s famous blogger nowadays plus the fact that she is the Bestfriend of Kathryn Bernardo, a jolly and simple girl with a kind heart. That was my second time to see her, actually the first time we met it was awkward for me. (LOL a Fangirl here). But this second time around a memorable one happened.

Group Picture with Ate Arisse ❤

I’m proud to say that I am one of the organizers of the event together with my two friends, Raizza and Jovielyn. It’s a pleasure for me and at the same time a pressure (hahahaha a bit nervous). When she entered the hall all I can say that she’s all smile and obviously you can see the happiness all over her face. And I know in my mind that the event we organized was successful 💯❤.

Jovielyn xx Raizza xx Ate Arisse xx Katrin ❤

Traditionally people always says that Friday the 13th is a bad luck, that something bad might happen. But for me I don’t believe in that saying. Because this day I had a chance to meet my favorite blogger bonus that she ask my name and she was shocked because we have the same name of her Bestfriend, the Teen Queen. Had a little chitchat with her eat pizza and mojos at the same time and really a memorable laughter with Ate Arisse.

And all I can say that I’m very much happy and really really thankful for that day, the 13th of May year 2016,Friday.

Thanks for reading.

Love lots,



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