Friends for Keeps❤

Friends? For me it is really essential to have friends. You must have them and keep them for real. I do believe in saying “You can be friends with everyone, but you can only be bestfriend to someone.”

In a modern world nowadays, its easy to find friends (but always beware) we now have Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, Tumblr and many more. You can always have connections using these social medias.

To tell you a short story I met a friend and now I can proudly call one of my bestfriends from Facebook but originally she’s from Cebu. Ever since I met her we have bond and connection. Every year she visits Manila and ‘a must’ we always had a chance to see and bond each other even just for a short period of time.


Having friends and at the same time bestfriend is really a very memorable and a relaxing feeling for me. In their own little way you can have a sister-like that you can tell problems, whinings and even your own love story.

Friends, they are gift from God. We should take good care of them. Not to hurt them but be a good friend indeed. Always ask them how are they and what’s new. In that own way you know in your life that you have a so called “FRIEND”.

Thanks for reading ❤


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