#BU11xPassionFly with different BLOGGERS ❤

Last May 28,2016 I got a chance to attend Bloggers United at Green Sun Makati for the first time 😊. (I’m so happy at the same time sad) happy, because I met so many Bloggers there and they are so kind and simple. And sad because my favorite blogger Arisse de Santos was not there.

The door opens at exactly 10am and while on the way to the venue I checked my Twitter account and I saw that there were so many people waiting. My friend and I arrived at 10:30am. (So crowded tho but still cold because of the aircon.. LOL)

My friends and I got a chance to meet Bloggers and have a picture with them. Btw, this is my picture with different Bloggers/Influencers.

I’m with …..
⏺ChinChin Obcena ❤ http://www.chinchinobcena.com
⏺Cha Ocampo ❤ http://www.CHAOCAMPO.com
⏺Kat Valdez ❤ http://www.kattvaldez.com
⏺Janeena Chan ❤ http://www.janeenachan.com
⏺King Tongol ❤
⏺Vina Guerrero ❤ http://www.vinaguerrero.com
⏺Yuki Tansengco ❤ http://www.yukitansengco.com

Check their site and be inspired ❤ (like me) believe me you won’t regret reading their blogs. I myself got to learn to many things by reading their blogs.

I just want to thank Bloggers United for this. Please do this more often because I know many people would love to come on this bazaar and I’m one of them. #BU11xPassionFly



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